More February Curling Iron Holder and Mini Flat Iron Sweepstakes Winners

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Let me start with this wonderful quote from Leslie who received her CoolCareTM curling iron holder so she could make an honest recommendation to her readers (as did all blog announcers). She wrote:

Well hello gorgeous! I just fell in love! When I use my Curling Iron or Flat Iron I always place them on a towel. I always had the feeling that one day the appliance would be too hot and cause a fire. It just doesn’t seem like an ideal solution but I am not willing to have any more marks left on my counter tops! – Leslie of Leslie Loves Veggies

The winners continue to come in from great bloggers throughout the blogging community who participated in promoting our February Curling Iron Holder and Mini Flat Iron contests.

coolcare americanbeauty wall mount curling iron holder for safety

Camonkeymomma Curling Iron Holder Winner

SaraLee Earegood of Wyoming, Michigan, was a winner from Camonkeymomma. SaraLee chose the wall-mounted CoolCareTM curling iron holder!

Leslie Loves Veggies Curling Iron Holder Contest Winner

Catharine Cassarino from Brooklyn, New York, chose the countertop curling iron holder when Leslie held her drawing. Congratulations Catharine and thank you Leslie!
american beauty coolcare countertop curling iron holder

Barbara’s Beat Curling Iron Winner Came Via Facebook

Shawna Elkins of Spurlockville, West Virginia, had her winning entry pulled by simply following the instructions at Barbara’s Beat

Sweeps4Bloggers Curling Iron Winner Announced

Valerie announced her winner who wished to remain anonymous!

Thank You Bloggers for Promoting AmericanBeauty’s February Curling Iron Holder Contest

We’ll be posting more reviews and more upcoming contests (there are many!) in the near future.

In the meantime, we hope all you winners thoroughly enjoy the safety of using your CoolCareTM curling iron holder – whichever one you picked (they are in the mail!).

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7 Responses to More February Curling Iron Holder and Mini Flat Iron Sweepstakes Winners

  1. I love, love, love my Curling Iron Holder. It has saved my wall. It has given me more space. And it is so nice looking in my bathroom. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

    • Rick Alexander says:

      Thank you so much Barbara! For the contest assistance and your truly appreciated comments! I’m happy you are happy, that’s the whole purpose to CoolCare – great product, happy customers :)

  2. Bruce Ang says:

    I am happy I found your website on reddit. It’s good to see such information being shared.

  3. Thanks Bruce for your nice comments !

    Our goal is keeping you ,your children and your home safe!

    Rick Alexander

  4. Robyn Ely says:

    Really nice to see the actual winning’s in action. Read this article and boy
    I wish I could win of these holders. I really win to get a mini flat iron,
    I have a big one and it’s way to hard for me to use. The holder’s are ideal !
    I have to put mine on the washer each time I have to rest it, or cool down.
    That is a hugh pain in the rearend.

  5. Dawn from AUTOGRAF says:

    I have enjoyed both of my iron stands for several years now since I have different locations for my work as a stylist. I like the stability of the counter model and the ability to put it away leaving my counter tidy and more professional in between styling needs. My older models had to be attached permanently.

  6. I will recommend not to wait until you get enough amount of money to buy different goods!